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  • You pick your closing date.
  • No repairs, staging or showings.
  • None of the hassle.
  • You'll get bragging rights.
  • You get a fair market price.
  • You get to look super intelligent.
  • Ultimate certainty.
  • You move on your timeline.
Traditional Listing
  • Risk of unqualified buyers.
  • Unknown closing date.
  • It’s an expensive game of hot potato.
  • Don't know the price you will get.
House Flipper
  • 30-40% below market offers.
  • Contract flipping for profit.
  • They’re the shark, you’re the guppy.
  • They might cancel before closing.
No hassle. Seamless process. Easy as 123.

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The Fine Print

Service Fees
The YList service fees range based on the property location and condition and are made of a convenience fee, market ready fee and in some areas a market risk fee. These fees help YList cover the cost of reselling the property. This includes agent commissions, property taxes, maintenance, utilities and marketing.
Repair Costs
Just like selling your home to a traditional buyer, YList will conduct inspections of the property and may request repairs be made or offer a flat repair fee to handle the repairs for you.
Closing Costs
Regardless of who you sell your home to, each party of the transaction is responsible for the fees associated with the sale. These fees include title insurance, escrow fees, recording fees etc.

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We're completely thrilled with the selling process. Very easy and fast.

Jannet Fouler
Boise, ID

Quick and easy, YList was a lifesaver!

John Coleman
Nampa, ID